Get summary hours for the main library buildings.
Optional date string (YYYY-MM-DD) to retrieve hours information for. Defaults to today.
		name: "Bennett Library",
		close_time: null,
		open_time: " 8:00AM",
		closed_all_day: false,
		open_all_day: false,
		open: true,
		html_status: "OPEN",
		html_details: "24 hours begins  8:00am",

The "html_status" and "html_details" strings can be used on their own to duplicate the displays on various library websites and signage. The logic for determining the wording is fairly complex now so it's probably best to use the strings provided in the API if possible. The "open" flag should match whether "html_status" says OPEN or CLOSED, if you need to implement your own string for displaying that information.

In version two the "open_time" and "close_time" fields may be null which signifies the library is not closing or is already open. This occurs during 24hr opening times. One may be null going into or out of the 24hr period, or they both may be if the library is open 24hrs.